My Burden is Light...

Source: St. Elizabeth Convent

January 31, 2017


Sometimes it may seem to us that God does not hear us. We cannot understand why this or that happens, or why it does not happen, when we anticipate it. We try to understand God’s providence with our human minds. In vain, of course. However, there is an easier way – to humble yourself and accept everything that God sends you. Unfortunately, we cannot do this as well, because we oppose and resist God, against everything He wants us to do. How much time do we need to become like children – to accept humbly what is given, to rejoice about what is sent to us and feel sad about what we cannot change...?

The humble are in Heaven while on earth. But how can we achieve this? How can we accept what God sends? Even today, despite the fact we have joined the Church a long time ago, we continue to consider sorrows and diseases to be some bad and sad moments of our lives, and death to be our main punishment. Earlier the faithful people took a different view: people were afraid when everything was good for too long. They thought that God had stepped aside and forgotten about them, because they understood that there was a reason for all their sorrows. They understood that if they could humbly endure those problems, then God’s grace would bless them, that it was a lesson they had to learn in order to grow spiritually and move to the next class – to the academy of love. But a person cannot skip nursery, school and university and enter the academy all at once.


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