Chapel carried 325 miles down the river to elderly village faithful in Russia

Kulosega, Russia, June 8, 2018

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A chapel in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God “Seeking of the Lost” (Feb. 5/18) has been transported more than 300 miles down the Pinega River from Archangelsk to the village of Kulosega, where the 100 residents have never had their own church, reports the site of the Archangelsk Diocese.

The transportation and installation of the church was organized by Priest Sergei Korelsky.

“The mass of the building is more than 11 tons, the length is nearly 32 feet. The dome was dismantled and folded inside the building for ease of transportation. The wooden church was loaded on a barge, which traveled 59 miles on the Northern Dvina River, and 267 on the Pinega,” Fr. Sergei explained.

The church was then moved by crane from the barge to a trailer platform and transported to the installation site in the village of Kulosega. The site had been prepared beforehand with about 56 tons of sands brought in. A local entrepreneur also donated the concrete blocks for the church’s foundation. A local company covered most of the costs of transporting and installing the church.

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The workers now have to rebuild the roof and walls of the church, mount the dome, install the porch, and connect the electricity. Local residents are gathering funds to finish the work.

“Local residents put a mug in the store to collect donations for the repair of the church they have now,” the Press Secretary of the Pinega Deanery Lyudmila Sosnina said. “They are very happy that they will have the opportunity to pray and receive Holy Communion near home. After all, the nearest church in Sosnovka is 9 miles away, and you even have to cross over the river, and there are many elderly people among the parishioners.”

Kulosega is located 71 miles from the district center of Karpogory. The village was built in the middle of the previous century in connection with the opening of the local timber industry. It is now home to about 100 people. The newly-arrived chapel is the first for the village.

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