APPEAL FROM KOSOVO AND METOHIJA BY BISHOP TEODOSIJE - regarding the statements of some politicians about the partition of Kosovo as the final solution

Source: Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija

July 25, 2018


As a Bishop of Raška and Prizren and an Archpastor of the Orthodox Christians in the regions of Kosovo, Metohija and Raška, with tremendous pastoral and moral responsibility I feel the need to express my grave concern regarding a series of political statements on Kosovo-Metohija in the recent time which fill our hearts with increasing uncertainty and disquiet. For almost twenty years our Diocese supported by our Patriarch and our fellow Bishops, and with financial assistance of the Government of Republic of Serbia and other local and international donors, makes tremendous efforts to provide normal life for our Church, the reconstruction of our destroyed holy sites, the return of our displaced people, as well as the peaceful life of those who still continue to live in this region. Inspired with this concern and the ongoing dialog between Belgrade and Priština in Brussels the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the SOC expressed a clear, unified and unequivocal position in its statement on 10 May 2018.


All of us in Kosovo and Metohija remain concerned by the growing criminalization of the political life, which is dominated by tribal clans behind the names of political parties and where interests of individuals are placed above the interest of citizens.

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