The Murder of the Grand Dukes: 100 Years Later

Source: Russian Legitimist

January 28, 2019


One hundred years ago, on the 28th of January 1919, four Russian Grand Dukes, all first cousins, were removed from their cells in the Petropavlovsky Fortress, taken to a courtyard, and summarily executed without a trial or conviction. Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich (b. 1860), Grand Duke Dmitri Konstantinovich (b. 1860), Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich (b. 1859) and his brother Grand Duke George Mikhailovich (b. 1863) were murdered in cold blood by their Bolshevik captors.

In March of 1918, all male members of the Romanoff family remaining in the capital or its environs were ordered to register at Cheka headquarters, and were then sent into internal exile in other parts of the country.  

Because of his poor health, Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich was allowed to remain with his wife under house arrest at his palace in Tsarskoe Selo.  The Grand Dukes Dmitri Konstantinovich, Nicholas Mikhailovich, and George Mikhailovich were all banished to the city of Vologda, 655 km east of St. Petersburg. They were allowed to move in a fairly unrestricted manner in Vologda and visited one another with some frequency. The cousins remained fairly undisturbed, despite their informal confinement, until the summer.

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