Romania: New gold coin marks 550th anniversary of church consecration at the Putna Monastery

Michael Alexander

Source: Coin Update

March 21, 2019


The Banca Nationala a’ Romaniei has issued (18th March) new gold collector’s coins to mark the 550th anniversary of the consecration of the church at the Putna Monastery. A Romanian Orthodox monastery, it is considered one of the most important cultural, religious, and artistic centres established in medieval times. It was built and dedicated by Stephen the Great (born c. 1433–1440, died 1504).

The monastery was founded on lands near the Putna River, whose source of water is from the Obcina Mare Mountains in Bukovina (present-day Romania). Stephen the Great is remembered for ordering the construction of many churches and monasteries all over Moldavia, some of these medieval lands are in present-day Romania. The Putna Monastery would become the home to the tomb of Stephen and several members of his family and is today a place of pilgrimage. The icon veils and tombstones are regarded as excellent examples of Moldavian art during the era of Stephen the Great.

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Michael Alexander


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