150 disabled children receive gifts from Ukrainian faithful for Children’s Day

Gorbachevka, Ukraine, June 5, 2019

Photo: http://news.church.ua Photo: http://news.church.ua     

Within the framework of a charitable event led by the faithful of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, more than 150 children with disabilities or from families of persons with disabilities received gifts in celebration of Children’s Day, celebrated on June 1, reports the Information-Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The children were given icons, candy, educational books, clothes, and personal hygiene products.

The collecting of gifts was overseen by the Association of Disabled Peoples of the village of Gorbachevka in the Kiev Province that includes 1,457 people with disabilities, 115 children with disabilities, and 42 children of parents with disabilities, most of whom are unable to attend citywide or national events for Children’s Day due to their health. With the help of caring parishioners of the Ukrainian Church, the Association annually organizes festivities to support the Association’s children.

Photo: http://news.church.ua Photo: http://news.church.ua     

“There is a girl in our organization, bedridden, a boy with a severe form of diabetes, a girl with such beautiful eyes who can’t see, and they simply physically can’t make it to celebrations… And no one visits them at home or arranges any holidays for them. Taking them somewhere in a wheelchair, in the sun, and then home again—even this can harm the children… We go visit such children,” said the Association head Natalia Khomenko.

According to Khomenko, the issue of helping the sick who cannot leave home is problematic throughout Ukraine. They receive a scanty disability pension and social assistance, and the government hotline, where those in need used to be able to ask for help in extremely difficult situations, is no longer operational.

Photo: http://news.church.ua Photo: http://news.church.ua     

Therefore, the majority of the Association’s good deeds are carried out by their own efforts and with the efforts of caring people.

Additionally, on May 31, 18 persons with disabilities went on a free pilgrimage to the Holy Dormition-Pochaev Lavra, organized by the Chernivtsi-Bukovina Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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