Bishop Anthimos Says Gays Sinners

June 6, 2013

A gay pride parade scheduled for June 14-15 has drawn the ire of Bishop Anthimos who said he has collected 20,000 signatures against the “sinful” event who want it cancelled.

“If it is not cancelled, they cannot guarantee that nothing will happen,” he added.

Anthimos, who is known for his outspoken speeches on social and political issues, said the city must not “advertize a sinful event.” He said gay people are not welcome in the city and that “nudity is a crime.”

Anthimos had earlier criticized Mayor Yiannis Boutaris for giving permission for the rally. He also urged the city’s Orthodox Christian residents to avoid any manifestation of violence and to merely state their strong objection to the event which he described as “shame, a provocation, and a sign of corruption.”

Greek Reporter


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