Ekaterinburg residents to be told about psychological consequences of abortions

Ekaterinburg, October 23, 2013

On Wednesday October 23, in Ekaterinburg a meeting with psychiatrist Alexei Alexandrovich Fokin will take place. The guest from St. Petersburg will tell about the global industry of contraception and abortions and about manifestations of psychical consequences of abortions in modern society, reports the website of the Diocese of Ekaterinburg.

Since the legalization in Russia of abortions in 1920, four generations of Russian citizens have been educated in the environment legal abortions. Killing of children before their birth is still a mass phenomenon in Russia.

At the same time, the effects of abortions are normally reduced to physiology, ignoring that abortions are also a severe mental trauma for both parents, one reason for divorces, family violence, alcoholism and loneliness in old age.

The meeting is being held by the "Cradle" Motherhood protection centre, working at the Social ministry department of the Diocese of Ekaterinburg.

At the meeting, the first book in Russian about effects of abortions on mental health, "The forbidden tears. What are women not saying after abortion" will be presented, as well as the booklet, "The register of abortive contraception", approved by the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Alexei Alexandrovich Fokin is a psychiatrist, pharmacologist, one of few specialists in postabortive syndrome in Russia, and the creator of www.postabort.ru website.



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