Synod of the Church of Greece in Athens pelted with Molotov cocktails

Athens, August 8, 2016


Petraki Monastery in Athens was pelted with Molotov cocktails and the Greek government has already condemned the act of vandalism, reports RIA-Novosti.

Four Molotov cocktails were hurled into the monastery at about 3:00 AM. The fire damaged four automobiles in the monastery courtyard where offices of the Synod of the Church of Greece and the archbishopric are located.

Petraki Monastery in the Kolonaki (literally: “little column”) district of Athens was founded in the seventeenth century, but a church on its territory had been built as early as the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries. The monastery frescoes were painted in the eighteenth century.

“The competent authorities have already taken necessary measures for finding the culprits and bringing them to justice,” an official statement of the Greek government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili reads.

“Freedom of religion and free performance of religious rites are guaranteed by the Constitution and firmly safeguarded by the state,” O. Gerovasili said, stressing that any forms of violence would not be tolerated, reports RIA-Novosti.

“Our wish is that the Lord forgives these criminals,” a statement of the Synod of the Church of Greece reads.

A number of Orthodox churches and monasteries in Greece were attacked over the past few days. Last week twenty-six anarchists burst into a church of the Thessaloniki Metropolis during a service and started destroying what they could. Later they were acquitted by the court. There was also an incendiary attack against one church in the city of Heraklion in Crete along with attacks on two churches in Exarcheia, a neighborhood of Athens. The Black Flame anarchist group is claiming responsibility for the two latter attacks.

Translated by Dmitry Lapa


Anthony8/9/2016 2:44 pm
And then they wonder why the country is in the hellish condition it finds itself in. Long ago did the flame of Orthodoxy begin to splutter, and as it weakened so too did all the hellish flames that engulf the Greek nation rage ever closer. These conditions take root in the turning away from God. Look at what Greeks elected- an avowed atheist. A liar who promised them the world whilst delivering them over to the Psychopaths in Brussels. And now there are ever more stories of attacks on the Church. Might as well be in the Middle East. Fools these that forgot it was the Orthodox Church that saved the Greek nation from total annihilation under the turks. Ingratitude in its highest form.
Julia8/9/2016 2:37 pm
They were not thrown at the monastery, but at the building of the Holy Synod which is next to the monastery.
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