ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY Orthodox Calendar 2015
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Old Style
September 20
New Style
October 3
18th Week after Pentecost. Saturday after the Exaltation of the Cross. Tone 8.
Fast-free period.

Совершается служба на шестьGreat-martyr Eustathius Placidas, his wife Martyr Theopistes, and their sons Martyrs Agapius and Theopistus, of Rome (118). Совершается служба со славословиемHoly Martyrs Prince Michael and his counselor Theodore, of Chernigov (1245).

St. Oleg, prince of Bryansk, monk (1285). Synaxis of the Saints of Bryansk. Right-believing Prince John of Putivl (Ukraine) (14th c.).

Martyr John the Confessor, of Egypt, beheaded in Palestine, and with him 40 martyrs (310). Sts. Theodore and Euprepius and two named Anastasius, confessors and disciples of St. Maximus the Confessor (7th c.). St. John, monk, of Crete (1031). St. Eustathius, archbishop of Thessalonica (1194). New Monk-martyr Hilarion the Cretan, of St. Anne’s Skete, Mt. Athos, at Constantinople (1804). St. Meletius of Cyprus, bishop (Gr. Cal).