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Мученики Инна, Пинна и Римма Преподобный Евфимий Великий Прпп. Евфимий и Харитон, игумены Сянжемские
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January 20
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February 2
Fast-free Week. Tone 1.
No fast.

Совершается всенощное бдениеSt. Euthymius the Great (473).

Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, disciples of Apostle Andrew, in Scythia (1st c.-2nd c.). Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides, at Nicomedia (303). St. Lawrence the Recluse of the Kiev Caves (13th c.-14th c.). St. Euthymius the Silent of the Kiev Caves (14th c.). St. Euthymius of Syandema (Vologda) (ca. 1465). St. Theodore Kuzmich of Tomsk (1864).

New Hieromartyr Paul Dobromyslov, archpriest, of Ryazan (1940).

St. Leo I, emperor of Byzantium (474). St. Neophytus of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos (14th c.). St. Euthymius, patriarch of Turnovo (ca. 1400). St. Euthymius of Arkhangelsk (1523). New Martyr Zachariah of Patras in Morea (1782). St. Ekvtime (Euthymius) (Kereselidze) the Confessor, of Georgia (1944). St. Peter of Constantinople, tax collector in Africa (6th c.).

Repose of Elder Gerasim, founder of Ascension Monastery, Irkutsk (1676).