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Иоанн Милостивый Александрийский Икона Божией Матери Киккотисса Пророк Ахия
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November 12
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November 25
26th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 1.
No fast.

Совершается служба на шестьSt. John the Merciful, patriarch of Alexandria (616-620). Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомSt. Nilus the Faster, of Sinai (451).

Prophet Ahijah (Achias) (960 b.c.). Blessed John “the Hairy,” fool-for-Christ, of Rostov (1580). St. Nilus the Myrrh-gusher, of Mt. Athos (1651).

Icon of the Mother of God “the Merciful”.

St. Emilian, hermit, of Vergegio in Spain (574). St. Sinnell of Cleenish, Ireland (6th c.). St. Machar, bishop of Aberdeen (6th c.). St. Cadwaladr, king of the Welsh (664). St. Leontius, patriarch of Constantinople (ca. 1143). New Martyr Sabbas of Nigdea in Asia Minor, at Constantinople (1726). New Martyr Nicholas of Marmaran, at Constantinople (1732). New Martyrs and Confessors of Nasaud, Romania: Athanasius Todoran, Basil Dumitru, Gregory Manu, and Basil Oichi (1763).

Repose of Righteous Cosmas of Birsk (1882). Commemoration of the righteous monks and laymen buried at Optina Monastery, including virgin maiden Barbara (1900) and recent martyrs: Hieromonk Basil, Riassaphore-monks Trophimus and Therapontus (1993), and the youth George (1994).

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God
By St. Theophan the Recluse

St. Theophan the Recluse

Twenty Fifth Sunday After Pentecost. [Eph. 4:1-6; Luke 10:25-37]

   To the man who asked how to be saved, the Lord on his part offered a question: What is written in the law? how readest thou? By this He showed that to resolve all perplexity one must turn to the word of God. And so that there will not be such perplexity at all it is best to always read Divine Scripture attentively, with discernment and sympathy, applying it to your own life, and fulfilling in your own thoughts what relates to thoughts, in your own feelings and dispositions what relates to the senses, and in your deeds what relates to deeds. One who hearkens to the word of God gathers bright understanding of all that is in him, what is near to him, and what is above him; he clarifies his obligations in all aspects of life, and holy rules, like valuable pearls, are strung onto the thread of his conscience, which then precisely and definitely indicate how and when to act so that he please the Lord. He tames the passions—something reading the word of God always acts to assuage. No matter what passion troubles you, begin to read the word of God and the passion will become quieter and quieter, and at last it will be entirely calmed. He who enriches himself through knowledge of the word of God is overshadowed by the pillar of cloud which guided the Israelites in the desert.