Previously unknown works of Fr. Daniel Sysoev discovered

Moscow, January 3, 2022

Iconographic portrait of Fr. Daniel Sisoyev. Photo: Iconographic portrait of Fr. Daniel Sisoyev. Photo:     

A number of previously unknown handwritten works by Fr. Daniel Sysoev, who was murdered by an Islamist for preaching the Gospel to Muslims, were recently discovered by his widow.

Matushka Julia announced on New Year’s Day:

Fr. Daniel’s name’s day [December 30—OC] was marked by another event this year—a suitcase with manuscripts from Fr. Daniel was found. There’s a huge amount of new and interesting things there, including his seminary works: sermons, essays… our unknown Daniel will become a little more known. Every paper written by his hand represents value and history now. And it’s a greeting from him to us in the new year. What other pleasant surprises can we expect from him?

A suitcase full of newly discovered works by Fr. Daniel. Photo: Facebook A suitcase full of newly discovered works by Fr. Daniel. Photo: Facebook     

Fr. Daniel was a missionary priest in Moscow, known for preparing others to become missionaries and for converting Protestants, sectarians, and Muslims.

He was shot by a Muslim in his Church of the Apostle Thomas in Moscow in the evening of November 19, 2009, and died early the next morning.

Fr. Daniel was incredibly prolific, leaving behind a wealth of books, articles, and lectures in both printed and audio format, which can be found at

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Joshua1/4/2022 7:37 pm
This is really great news, but I have a sincere question about the title "Matushka" used for Father Daniel's widow. Please forgive me, but my understanding is that she married a second time after Father Daniel's Martyrdom, so my first question is to ask whether it is true that she married again? If she did marry another man is she still considered a Matushka? I am not trying to offend or upset anyone, but sincerely want to know.
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