Silence of the Sheep

Source: Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

October 3, 2022


American medicine has become unmoored from its scientific and ethical anchors, as I have previously discussed. We abandoned real science for the pseudoscientific cult of evidence-based medicine. This grave error paved the way for the medical tyranny we are currently enduring, with no apparent end in sight. But the wholesale abandonment of medical ethics is a far more serious problem. After all, ethics predates our scientific understanding of medicine by millennia! Ethics are based on morality, not legality. Morality and legality are not interchangeable. We should not be able to redefine ethics to accommodate current law or fads. Otherwise, medicine quickly becomes a tool of the state.

The Oath of Hippocrates remains the purest expression of medical ethics, and I encourage all to review it. Note that the precise wording “primum non nocere” or “first do no harm,” a core ethical principle attributed by some to Hippocrates, is not in the Oath, but the concept is there, along with the duty to teach and to honor one’s teachers, to consult learned colleagues, to devote one’s attention and art to the patient, to keep confidentiality, to respect life, and specifically never to kill, either via euthanasia or abortion! There’s not a word in the Oath about following guidelines and protocols.

It’s no wonder the Oath has been revised, disrespected, or ignored by the unethical elites who dominate Medicine. The modern practice of medicine would leave Hippocrates appalled!

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Richard Amerling, MD


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