The president of the fund for the “Unity of Russian and Georgian Peoples” addresses Patriarch Ilya II and the Georgian Minister of Culture

Tbilisi, October 26, 2012

Professor Vladimir Khomeriki.
Professor Vladimir Khomeriki.
The President of the fund for the “Unity of Russian and Georgian Peoples”, professor Vladimir Khomeriki, addressed Patriarch-Catholicos of Georgia Ilya II and the Georgian Minister of Culture Guram Odisharia, reports Media News.

The fund for the “Unity of Russian and Georgian Peoples” calls the results of the October elections in the Georgian parliament “a manifestation of God’s will and of the spirit of the Georgian people, and the victory of light over darkness”. He also notes that “God’s grace has descended upon Georgia in answer to the prayers of His Holiness the Patriarch-Catholicos of Georgia, the hierarchs of the Georgian Church, and in answer to the steadfastness and high moral spirit of the Georgian Orthodox people.”

In the letter, he expresses his regrets that “the regime of M. Saakashvili called the Russian diaspora of Georgians, who have greater lobbying, cultural, humanitarian, and investment possibilities, the agents of the Kremlin and a fifth column, has accused them of heresy, and prevented in every way the beneficial use of this potential for the good of Georgia. Humiliating and destroying the Georgian intelligentsia, calling it refuse, destroying Georgian traditions and mentality, subjecting the Georgian Orthodox Church to strong pressure and trial, through the corrupt processes of globalization, the authorities have done everything to turn their unique nation into a faceless mass without a will of its own, and into servants of the new masters of their lives,” emphasizes Khomeriki.

“We consider that the time has come for new, pro-Georgian politicians and decisive actions for the good of our country. We need to turn away from the former politics and rhetoric with respect to Russia, which is destructive to Georgia, and begin a new, good-neighborly and partnership dialogue with Russia. We are sure that such a vector of politics and new relationships will serve first of all the multi-faceted interests of Georgia in Russia and the resolution of important problems that have arisen during the years of the man-made opposition between the two countries,” the letter states.

The letter also calls for the closure of the Museum of Soviet and Russian Occupation located in Georgia, stating that this museum only damages Georgian-Russian relationships and could hinder future dialogue. It also states that the Georgian diaspora in Russia and the majority of the Georgian population will welcome the closure of this museum, and will view it as a responsible action of the part of the government.


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