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Old Style
April 15
New Style
April 28
Passion Week.
Великий пост.
Monastic rule: xerophagy (bread, uncooked fruits and vegetables).

Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомApostles Aristarchus, Pudens, and Trophimus, of the Seventy (ca. 67).

Martyrs Basilissa and Anastasia, of Rome, disciples of Apostles Peter and Paul (ca. 68). Martyr Sukia and his companions: Andrew, Anastasius, Thalaleus, Theodoretus, Ivchirion, Jordan, Quadratus, Lucian, Mimnenus, Nerangius, Polyeuctus, James, Phocas, Domentianus, Victor, and Zosima (Chorimos), of Georgia, in Armenia (100-130) (Груз.). Martyr Sabbas the Goth, at Buzau in Wallachia (372). St. Mstislav-Theodore, prince of Kiev (1132). Righteous Daniel of Achinsk, Siberia (1843).

St. Ruadhan, founder and abbot of Lothra (Ireland) (ca. 584). St. Leonidas, bishop of Athens (ca. 6th c.). Martyr Pausilipus of Thrace (ca. 117-138) (Gr. Cal). Martyr Crescens of Myra in Lycia (3rd c.) (Gr. Cal).

Repose of Metropolitan Sergius (Voskresensky) of Vilnius and Lithuania (1944), Hieroschemamonk Michael (Pitkevich) of Valaam and Pskov Caves (1962), and Bishop Stephen (Nikitin) of Kaluga (1963).