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September 29
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October 12
17th Week after Pentecost. Tone 7.
No fast.

Совершается служба на шестьSt. Cyriacus the Hermit, of Palestine (556).

Martyrs Dada, Gabdelas, and Casdoe, of Persia (4th c.). St. Theophanes the Merciful, of Gaza. St. Cyprian, abbot, of Ustiug (Vologda) (1276). St. Onuphrius the Wonderworker, of Gareji, Georgia (1733). Uncovering of the relics of St. John (Maximovitch), archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco (1993). Synaxis of the Saints of Poltava.

New Hieromartyr John (Pommer), archbishop of Riga (Latvia) (1934).

Holy Martyr Gudelia of Persia (4th c.). 80 Holy Martyrs of Byzantium (364- 378). St. Ludwin (Leudwinus), bishop of Trier (713). Martyrs Tryphon, Trophimus, and Dorymedon, and 150 Martyrs, in Palestine.

Repose of Blessed Anthony Alexeyevich, fool-for-Christ, of Zadonsk (1851), and Archimandrite Gerasim (Schmaltz) of Alaska (1969).

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God
By St. Theophan the Recluse

St. Theophan the Recluse

Tuesday. [Phil. 1:8-14; Luke 5:12-16]

   The leper fell down before the Lord and besought: Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. The Lord said: I will: be thou clean. And immediately the leprosy departed from him. So does every moral leprosy immediately depart as soon as one falls down before the Lord with faith, repentance, and confession—it truly departs and loses any power over him. Why does the leprosy sometimes return again? For the same reason that bodily diseases return. One who has recovered is told, “do not eat that, do not drink this, do not go there.” If he does not obey, the disease again flares up. So it is in the spiritual life. One must be sober, vigilant, and pray—then the disease of sin will not return. If you are not attentive toward yourself, if you allow yourself to see, hear, say, and do everything indiscriminately, how can sin not flare up and take power once again? The Lord charged the leper to fulfil all according to the law. This means that upon confession one must receive a penance and faithfully fulfil it; within it is concealed great preventive strength. But why do some say: this sinful habit has overcome me, I cannot handle myself. Either because repentance and confession were not complete, or because after making precautionary changes he adheres only weakly to them, or indulges himself. He wants to do everything without toil and self-coercion, and is laughed at by the enemy. Resolve to stand unto death and show [this resolve] in deed, and you will see what power there is in this. It is true that in every insurmountable passion that comes up the enemy possesses the soul, but this is no justification; for he immediately flees as soon as you produce an inner change, with God’s help.

Friday. [Phil. 1:27-2:4; Luke 6:17-23]

   The Lord blesses the poor, those who hunger and weep, and the persecuted under the condition that it is all for the sake of the Son of Man; this means that He blesses a life which is surrounded by every kind of need and deprivation. According to this saying, pleasures, ease, honour are not something good; this is the way it is indeed. But while a person rests in these things, he does not realize this. Only when he frees himself from their spell does he see that they are not the good, but only phantoms. A soul cannot do without consolations, but they are not of the senses; it cannot do without treasures, but they are not in gold and silver, not in luxurious houses and clothes, not in this external fullness; it cannot get by without honor, but it lies not in human servility. There are other pleasures, there is other ease, other honour—spiritual, akin to the soul. He who finds them does not want the external ones; not only does he not want them, but he scorns and hates them because they block off the spiritual, do not allow one to see it, they keep a soul in darkness, drunkenness, and phantoms. This is why such people prefer with all their soul poverty, sorrow and obscurity, feeling good within them, like behind some safe fence against the spell of the deceptions of the world. What about those people who have all these things without trying? They should relate to all of these things, according to the word of the holy Apostle, as one who possesses not (cf. 1Cor. 7:30).


Venerable Onopre of Gareji, the Wonderworker (18th century)

Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

Saint Onopre of Gareji (Otar Machutadze in the world) lived and labored in the 18th century. He was a Kartlian aristocrat famed for his wealth, hospitality, and charity.

The Veneration of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco: Recollections of a Spiritual Son

Bishop Peter of Cleveland

The author of these recollections, Bishop Peter, was a spiritual son of St. John from his childhood. Bishop Peter was born Pavel Andreyevich Lukianov in San Francisco in 1948. He was tonsured a reader in 1965 by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. After studies at the Holy Trinity Seminary at Jordanville, New York, he worked at the headquarters of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in New York City for six years.

St. John of Shanghai—Sternness and Sanctity

St. John of Shanghai

He consciously lived in and operated from this otherworldly realm, formed historically by the Church Fathers, and thus he had a virtual disdain for the pragmatic expectations placed on one by the times and fashions. He was an enemy of fashion and gossip and pharisaical narrow-mindedness...

Life and Miracles of St. John (Maximovich) of Shanghai and San Francisco—One of the Greatest Saints of the 20th Century

Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

"Sanctity is not just a virtue. It is an attainment of such spiritual heights, that the abundance of God's grace which fills the saint overflows on all who associate with him. Great is the saint's state of bliss in which they dwell contemplating the Glory of God. Being filled with love for God and man, they are responsive to man's needs, interceding before God and helping those who turn to them." Thus describing the ancient Saints, Vladyka John simultaneously summarized his own spiritual attitude which made him one of the greatest Saints of our time.

Opening of the Relics, and Glorification of St. John Maximovitch

Archpriest Peter Perekrestov

"He is incorrupt! His relics are incorrupt!"

Uncovering of the Relics of St. John of Shanghai

Archpriest Andrew Phillips

And here we come to the secret of Shanghai theology, the theology of the Church. It is immortal because it comes from the immortal heart, warmed by the love of God through the Holy Spirit.

A Wintertime Pascha: 50th Anniversary of the Repose of St John Maximovitch

This year, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia marks the 50 th anniversary of the repose of the great hierarch, the “Russian Nicholas the Miracle-worker,” our holy father St John of Shanghai and San Francisco. The celebrations began with a visit of a large reliquary containing his relics to Holy Trinity Cathedral in Toronto, Canada. The region has many faithful who venerate his memory .

“I grew up near St. John.”

We do feel his presence in this church. Many people come to ask for help—it is he who brings them here. And the archbishop helps them himself. It is he who should be thanked for this help.

VIDEO: Announcing the 50th Anniversary of the Repose of St. John Maximovitch

The Western American Diocese will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the repose of the great wonderworker St. John Maximovitch June 30-July 2, 2016.

Our Father among the Saints John [Maximovitch], Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco

Our Father among the Saints John (Maximovitch), Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco (1896-1966), was a diocesan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) who served widely from China to France to the United States.

VIDEO: St. John the Wonderworker

Russian studio "Neophyte" and TV channel "Russia-Culture" have teamed up to produce a number of inspiring videos on a series of holy elders, the first of which concerns St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the great wonderworking saint, including testimony of those who knew him. The video includes English subtitles.

“I Will Be Even More Frightening for You Dead Than Alive!”

Olga Orlova

On September 29/October 12 the Church honors the memory of the New Hieromartyr John (Pommer). It brings enormous joy to read his letters and sermons, to plunge into his radiant, fierce and mighty struggle while reading his scenes from his Life. But do we arm ourselves with the experience of our New Martyrs and Confessors? Do we pray to them for victory?