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Мученики Инна, Пинна и Римма Прп. Евфимий Великий
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January 20
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February 2
34th Week after Pentecost. Tone 8.
No fast.

Совершается всенощное бдениеSt. Euthymius the Great (473).

Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, disciples of Apostle Andrew, in Scythia (1st c.-2nd c.). Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides, at Nicomedia (303). St. Lawrence the Recluse of the Kiev Caves (13th c.-14th c.). St. Euthymius the Silent of the Kiev Caves (14th c.). St. Euthymius of Syandema (Vologda) (ca. 1465). St. Ekvtime (Euthymius) (Kereselidze) the Confessor, of Georgia (1944). St. Theodore Kuzmich of Tomsk (1864).

New Hieromartyr Paul Dobromyslov, archpriest, of Ryazan (1940).

St. Leo I, emperor of Byzantium (474). St. Neophytus of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos (14th c.). St. Euthymius, patriarch of Turnovo (ca. 1400). St. Euthymius of Arkhangelsk (1523). New Martyr Zachariah of Patras in Morea (1782). St. Peter of Constantinople, tax collector in Africa (6th c.).

Repose of Elder Gerasim, founder of Ascension Monastery, Irkutsk (1676).


Venerable Euthymius the Great

Saint Euthymius the Great came from the city of Melitene in Armenia, near the River Euphrates.

The Holy Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma

The Holy Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma were Slavs from northern Scythia (modern Bulgaria), and they were disciples of the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called.

The First Russian Saints: Inna, Pinna and Rimma

Nikolai Solntsev

To glorify the first national saints and pray to them is our duty and honor.

Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides, at Nicomedia

The Holy Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius and Basilides were courtiers of the emperor Diocletian (284-305).

St. Laurence the Recluse of the Kiev Far Caves

Saint Laurence lived in a cave and conquered the passions through prayer and fasting.

Venerable Euthymius the Schemamonk

The Schemamonk Euthymius of the Kiev Caves imposed upon himself a vow of silence, opening his mouth only for church services and for prayer.

Venerable Euthymius of Syanzhemsk, Vologda

Saint Euthymius of Syanzhemsk and Vologda was born in Vologda, and received monastic tonsure at the Savior-Stone monastery at Lake Kuben.

Guarding the Treasures of the Nation

Maria Saradzhishvili

Pierre Jodon’s driver informed the Nazis that “an old Georgian man” knew the true value of the treasures that were kept in Paris. Ekvtime was arrested and confronted with the informer.

New Martyr Zachariah

The Holy New Martyr Zachariah was from the Peloponnesos in Greece. He renounced Christ to become a Moslem, then went to ancient Patras and worked there as a furrier.