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Old Style
June 22
New Style
July 5
5th Week after Pentecost. Tone 3.
Fast of the Holy Apostles.
Monastic rule: xerophagy (bread, uncooked fruits and vegetables).

Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомHieromartyr Eusebius, bishop of Samosata (380).

Martyrs Zeno and his servant Zenas, of Philadelphia in Arabia (Amman) (304). Martyrs Galacteon, Juliana, and Saturninus, of Constantinople. St. Gregory, metropolitan of Wallachia (1834). St. Alban, protomartyr of Britain (304).

St. Athanasius, bishop of Chytri on Cyprus (4th c.). St. Paulinus the Merciful, bishop of Nola (431). 1,480 martyrs of Samaria in Palestine (ca. 615). St. Basil, abbot, of Patalaria Monastery (8th c.-9th c.).

Repose of Righteous Mary the Cave-digger, of White Mountain Monastery near Voronezh (1822), and Hieromonk Andrew, slain at Comana, Georgia (1993).

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God
By St. Theophan the Recluse

St. Theophan the Recluse

Wednesday. [Rom. 15:7-16; Matt. 12:38-45]

   In every person who lives unrepentant in sin there lives a demon, as if in a house, who takes charge over everything within him. When by the grace of God such a sinner comes to contrition over his sins, repents and ceases to sin—the demon is cast out from him. At first the demon does not disturb the one who has repented, because there is much fervour within him in the beginning, which burns demons like a fire, and repulses them like an arrow. But then, when fervour begins to grow cold, the demon approaches from afar with its suggestions, throws in memories about former pleasures and calls him to them. If the penitent does not beware, he will soon pass from a sympathy to a desire for sin; if he does not come to his senses and return himself to the state of his former soberness, then a fall is not far off. From desire are born the inclination for sin and decision to commit it—the inner sin is ready; the outer sin is only waiting for a convenient occasion. When an occasion presents itself, the sin will be accomplished. Then the demon will enter again, and begin to drive a person from sin to sin even faster than before. The Lord portrayed this with the parable about the second return of the demon into the clean, swept house.