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Апостолы Петр и Павел
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Old Style
June 29
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July 12
4th Week after Pentecost. Tone 2.
Fast Day.
Fish, wine and oil allowed.

Совершается служба великому праздникуThe Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul (67).

St. Paisios the Athonite (1994). Uncovering of the relics of St. Nicander, hermit, of Pskov (1686).

Icon of the Mother of God of Kasperov (1853-1855).

St. Mary of Jerusalem, mother of Apostle Mark (1st c.).

Repose of Archbishop Andrew (Rymarenko) of Rockland (New Diveyevo) (1978).


Sermon on the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Archpriest Andrew Phillips

It is also claimed that not only did the apostle Peter found the Church of Rome, but that somehow this gives the Church of Rome some special supremacy and superiority over all the other Churches. This is clearly not true, for the Church of Antioch, which was founded by St Peter, has never claimed any superiority. In reality, when our Lord says in the Gospel: ‘Thou art a rock and on this rock I will build my Church’, it refers not to some special authority given to Peter, it concerns all who confess Christ as the Son of the Living God. All who make this confession have authority, all who confess Christ truly are rocks and are granted the keys to the kingdom.

The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul

Sermon of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo

The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leader of the Apostles, Peter

St Peter, the brother of St Andrew, was a fisherman on the sea of Galilee. He was married, and Christ healed his mother-in-law of a fever. He, with James and John, witnessed the most important miracles of the Savior’s earthly life.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov

Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov discusses the spiritual meaning of the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul; why these very different individuals who became followers of Christ in very different ways are commemorated together; and how their personal qualities should become examples for us.

Veneration of the Precious Chains of the Holy and All-Glorious Apostle Peter

For three centuries the chains were kept in Jerusalem, and those who were afflicted with illness and approached them with faith received healing.

The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leader of the Apostles, Paul

St Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin, and lived in Tarsus in Cilicia. He once described himself as a Hebrew, an Israelite of the seed of Abraham. He was also a Pharisee and a tent-maker (Acts 18:3) who had studied the Law with Gamaliel at Jerusalem.

St. Paisios the Athonite: The Comforter of Souls

Archimandrite Gregorios of Gregoriou

When I asked him about a difficult problem I’d encountered in confession, as a spiritual father, he told me: "Listen, father, when you become a spiritual father, you have to be prepared to go down into hell for those you confess. Otherwise, don’t bother. But what I have to say is that, if you go to hell, you’ll make it paradise, because you’ll have love." Amazing advice, that only a God-bearing person would be able to give.

Vessel of Grace: The Life of Saint Paisios (Video)

The Life of Saint Paisios the Athonite in English.

Icon of the Mother of God of Kasperov

Tradition says that this holy icon had been brought to Cherson from Transylvania by a Serb at the end of the sixteenth century.