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June 30
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July 13
6th Week after Pentecost. Tone 4.
No fast.

Совершается служба со славословиемSynaxis of the Holy, Glorious, and All-Praised Twelve Apostles: Peter, Andrew, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude the brother of James, Simon the Zealot, and Matthias.

St. Peter, prince of the Tatar Horde, wonderworker of Rostov (1290). Glorification of St. Sophronius, bishop of Irkutsk (1918). St. Andrew, prince of Bogoliubovo (1174). St. Stephen of Omsk (1877).

New Hieromartyrs Nicandor (Prusak), hieromonk of Tolga Monastery (Yaroslavl) (1918) and Theogenes (Kozyrev), archimandrite, of Chimkent (Kazakhstan) (1939).

Icon of the Mother of God of Balikin (1711).

Martyr Basilides the Soldier, at Alexandria (202). St. Martial, bishop of Limoges (3rd c.). St. Erentrude, abbess of Nonnberg Monastery, Salzburg (ca. 718). St. Dinara, queen of Khereti, Georgia (10th c.). St. Gelasius of Rimet (Transylvania) (14th c.). New Martyr Michael Paknanas the Gardener, of Athens (1770). New Hieromartyr Milan Popovic, priest, of Rmanj (1940s). New Martyr Alexander (Schmorell) of Munich (1943). Martyr Peter of Sinope.

Repose of Bishop Nestor (Zass) of the Aleutians and Alaska (1882).

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God
By St. Theophan the Recluse

St. Theophan the Recluse

Thursday. [I Cor. 3:18-23; Matt. 13:36-43]

   And shall cast them (those who offend and do iniquity) into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Thus will be carried out the division of good and evil, light and darkness. Now is the period of time in which they are mixed. It pleased the Lord to arrange that the freedom of creatures should grow and be strengthened in good through the struggle with evil; evil is tolerated within the vicinity of inward freedom, and in contact with a person externally. It does not determine anything, only tempts. One who feels a temptation must not fall, but enter into battle. He who conquers is freed from one temptation, and advances forward and upward to find new temptation there—and so on, until the end of his life. Oh, when will we comprehend this meaning of the evil which tempts us, so we might arrange our lives according to this understanding! The strugglers are finally crowned, and pass on to the other life where there is neither sickness nor sorrows from the outside, and where they become inwardly pure like angels of God, free from the sting of tempting inclinations and thoughts. This is how the triumph of light and good is being prepared, and it will be revealed in all of its glory on the last day of the world.


Synaxis of the Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Twelve Apostles

The Synaxis of the Glorious and All-Praiseworthy Twelve Apostles of Christ appears to be an ancient Feast.

St. Peter, Tsarevich of the Horde (1290)

One day, after the holy hierarch Kirill had reposed, Peter fell asleep on the shore of the lake after a hunt. He had an amazing dream: two men shining with an unearthly light woke him and said, “Peter, your prayer has been heard, and your almsgiving has risen to God.”

St Peter the Prince of Ordinsk, Rostov

Saint Peter, Prince of the Horde, was the nephew of Bergai Khan of the Golden Horde.

Translation of the relics of St Sophronius the Bishop of Irkutsk

Saint Sophronius, Bishop of Irkutsk and All Siberia, reposed on March 30, 1771, the second day of Holy Pascha. While they awaited a decision of the Holy Synod concerning the burial, his body remained unburied for six months, and during this time it was not subject to decay.

St. Sophronius the Bishop of Irkutsk

On the night after his monastic tonsure, Saint Sophronius heard a Voice in the Protection church predicting his future service: “When you become bishop, build a church dedicated to All Saints.”

Icon of the Mother of God of Balikin

The Balikin Icon of the Mother of God is from the Chernigov Province. The child Christ is clothed only around the waist, and rests in His Mother’s arms. The hands of the Theotokos are joined in prayer.

Holy Queen Dinar (10th century)

Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

The Russian Church has preserved chronicles of the life of Queen Dinar, a woman who achieved much on behalf of the Christian Faith. For years scholars have disputed about the historical figure discussed in great depth in the Russian Church. Many believed that the sources described Holy Queen Tamar, but the period of Tamar’s rule does not match that of the figure described in the chronicles.

Holy Queen Dinar

The Russian Church has preserved chronicles of the life of Queen Dinar, a woman who achieved much on behalf of the Christian Faith.

St Gelasius of Rimet

Saint Gelasius was the igumen of the Rimet Monastery in Transylvania. He had lived as a solitary near Rimet creek, and he was granted the grace of working miracles.