St. James the Confessor the Bishop of Catania

Commemorated on March 21

Saint James, Bishop and Confessor,was inclined toward the ascetic life from his early years. Saint James left the world and entered the Studite monastery, where he was tonsured. He led a strict life, full of works, fasting and prayer. Pious and well-versed in Holy Scripture, Saint James was elevated to the bishop’s throne of Catania (Sicily).

During the reign of the iconoclast emperor Constantine V Copronymos (741-775), Saint James was repeatedly urged not to venerate the holy icons. They exhausted him in prison, starved him, and beat him, but he bravely endured all these torments. Saint James died in exile.

Troparion — Tone 5

Shining forth in holy abstinence, / you rightly rightly divide the inspired word of truth as a hierarch and minister of God the Word. / By your virtuous struggle you revealed and confirmed the grace granted to you, O James, / instructing all to venerate the image of the Savior, / to whom you pray for us all.

Kontakion — Tone 8

You excelled in the gifts of the priesthood, / and through your labors You became illustrious in confessing the faith. / Since you are a fruitful branch of Christ the True Vine, / grant the new wine of forgiveness and salvation to those who cry: / “Rejoice, O Father James!”

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