Wednesday, November 8/21, 2018. 26th Week after Pentecost. Fast Day.
Wine and oil allowed.

Совершается служба с полиелеемSynaxis of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Salaphiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel, and Jeremiel and the Other Bodiless Powers.

Righteous Maria, princess of Pskov (Martha in monasticism) (1300).

New Martyr Michael the Blessed, of Chernigov (1922).

St. Tysilio, prince of Powys, abbot, of Meifod, Wales (7th c.). St. Willihad, bishop of Bremen (Germany) (789).

Repose of Nun Barbara of Birsk (1903), Elder Photius of Valaam (1942), Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York (1985), Elder James of Euboea (1991), and Priest George Calciu of Romania and Alexandria, Virginia (2006).