Monday, May 23/June 5, 2023. First Week after Pentecost (Fast-free period).
No fast.

Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомSt. Michael the Confessor, metropolitan of Synnada (821). Совершается служба со славословиемUncovering of the relics of St. Leontius, bishop and wonderworker of Rostov (1164). Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомSynaxis of the Saints of Rostov and Yaroslavl.

Martyr Michael “the Blackrobed,” of St. Sabbas Monastery (9th c.). Virgin Euphrosyne, princess and abbess, of Polotsk (1173). Uncovering of the relics of St. Abramius, archimandrite, of Rostov (1210). St. Paisius, abbot, of Galich (1460).

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Thou Art the Vineyard.”

Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary, wife of Cleopas (1st c.). Hieromartyrs Epitacius, bishop of Tuy (Spain), and Basil, bishop of Braga (Portugal) (1st c.). St. Damian (King Demetrius) of Gareji, Georgia (1157). St. Ioannicius I, archbishop of Serbia (1270). St. John of Valaam and New Valamo (Finland) (1958).

Repose of Hieromonk Damascene of Valaam (1825), Hieroschemamonk Meletius of Svir (1877), disciple of Elder Theodore of Svir, and Nun Euphrosyne (1934), disciple of St. Barsanuphius of Optina.