Wednesday, November 19/December 2, 2020. 26th Week after Pentecost. Nativity Fast.
Wine and oil allowed.

Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомProphet Obadiah (Abdias) (9th c. b.c.). Cовершается служба, не отмеченная в Типиконе никаким знакомMartyr Barlaam of Caesarea in Cappadocia (304). Совершается служба со славословиемSts. Barlaam, monk, Ioasaph, prince of India, and Abenner the King, father of St. Ioasaph (4th c.). Совершается служба с полиелеемSt. Philaret, metropolitan of Moscow (1867).

Martyr Heliodorus, in Pamphylia (ca. 273). Martyrs Azes of Isauria and 150 soldiers (284). Martyr Agapius of Gaza (284-305). St. Hilarion of Georgia, wonderworker of Thessalonica (875). St. Barlaam, first abbot of the Kiev Caves (1065). Uncovering of the relics of Hieromartyr Adrian, founder of Poshekhonye Monastery (Rostov) (1625). St. Ioannicius, schemaarchimandrite, of Glinsk Hermitage (1914). St. Porphyriоs of Kapsokalyvia and Kallisa (1991).

New Hieromartyrs Porphyrius (Gulevich), bishop of Simferopol, Ioasaph (Udalov), bishop of Chistopol, Michael (Kvanin), archimandrite, of Moscow, Gregory (Rebeza), archimandrite, of Odessa, and Gerasim (Sukhov), hieromonk, of Kazakhstan (1937). New Hieromartyrs Ioasaph (Krymzin), abbot, and Peter (Mamontov), hieromonk, both of the Holy Transfiguration Guslitsky Monastery (Moscow) New Hiero-confessor Alexis (Kabaliuk), schema-archimandrite, of Khust (Carpatho-Russia) (1947).

St. Patroclus of Bourges (577). St. Egbert, archbishop of York (766). St. Simon, wonderworker of Calabria (10th c.).

Repose of Elder Cleopa of Sihastria, Romania (1998).