Apostle Trophimus of the Seventy

Commemorated on April 15

Saint Trophimus was one of the Seventy Apostles, whom the Lord Jesus Christ sent to proclaim the good news of the Gospel (Luke. 10:1-24).

Saint Trophimus hailed from the city of Edessa. His name is mentioned in the Acts of the Holy Apostles (Acts 20:4) and in Saint Paul’s second Epistle to Timothy (2 Tim. 4:20). He was a disciple and companion of the Apostle Paul, sharing with him all the sorrows and persecution.

Saint Trophimus is also commemorated on January 4.

Troparion — Tone 4

Together let us honor the threefold choir of Christ’s Apostles, / Aristarchus, Pudens and the holy Trophimus. / Like rivers filled with the wisdom of God / They poured out the water of the Word for all the world. / Through their intercessions, O Christ our God, have mercy on us!

Kontakion — Tone 1

Apostles of Christ and laborers of the Savior, / You are the light of the world. / Intercede for us who praise your holy memory, / And pray that we may be saved.

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