Pro-life activists call for monument to victims of abortion in Moscow

Moscow, June 1, 2018


Members of the Russian human rights movement Women for Life are calling for a monument to victims of abortion to be erected in Moscow, as a challenge to Russians to seriously think about the scourge of abortion that plagues their country.

The group initiated a collection of signatures on a petition calling for the monument on the eve of the International Day of Protection of Children, celebrated annually on June 1, reports Interfax-Religion.

“Together with you, we can become these children’s voice—a voice that never sounded,” the activists wrote in a social network message, calling on people to sign the petition and participate in the project.

While the number of abortions in Russia has dropped dramatically in recent years, there is still a great amount of work to be done.

The authors of the petition note that nearly a million children are aborted in Russia annually, according to official numbers. The State Statistics Committee reports that 836,611 abortions were performed in 2016—2,292 per day.

“Every two minutes, three Russian children lose their lives as a result of abortion… And that is only the official statistics—the real figure could be substantially more,” the Women for Life write.

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They have initiated the petition because they believe it is necessary to encourage society to think about this “horrible problem,” and that erecting a monument to all the innocent children who are murdered via abortion could be an important step in that direction.

“World experience shows that such monuments can very seriously influence people’s hearts and minds, and help them renounce the awful decision of committing an abortion,” the pro-lifers write.

Women for Life is an active organization consisting of more than 3,000 volunteers from throughout Russia, including women from all walks of life and various professions, who fight for the lives of unborn children. They define their tasks as: showing the joy of motherhood; telling the truth about abortion; helping to save “unplanned” pregnancies; and supporting a woman’s choice after birth.

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