Room where Royal Martyrs shot recreated in Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg, July 12, 2018

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The basement room of the Ipatiev House, where Tsar Nicholas II and his family and faithful servants were tragically murdered on July 17, 1918 has been created for the International Orthodox Exhibition-Forum “From Repentance to the Resurrection of Russia,” reports RIA-Novosti.

The “Historical Turning Point of the Era of 1918,” dedicated to the death of the last Russian emperor and his family opened today in Ekaterinburg and will run until July 18, the day after their commemoration. The exhibition features awards, money, and books of the tsar and his family, and copies of the decree on the execution of the family and the order on the demolition of the Ipatiev House where the execution took place.

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“Visitors to the Orthodox project will be able to go to the firing room in the basement of the Ipatiev House, which has been recreated according to preserved photographs. Interior items (doors, chair, wallpaper) allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of 1918, when the Royal Family was shot,” reads a message from “Ural Exhibitions.”

The conditions of the last days of the lives of the Royal Family were created from items provided by the Monastery at Ganina Yama, where the bodies of the Royal Martyrs were disposed of, and from various collectors.

The international festival of Orthodox culture “Royal Days,” dedicated to the centenary of the deaths of the Royal Martyrs, began in Ekaterinburg today and will continue until July 21.

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