130 tons of goods collected for needy by Romanian Church in Moldova

Chișinău, Moldova, July 26, 2018

Photo: basilica.ro Photo: basilica.ro

The Metropolis of Bessarabia, also known as the Bessarabian Orthodox Church, an autonomous bishopric of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Moldova established the “Banca de Haine” charitable project under its “Diaconia” social mission two years ago.

In that time, 130 tons of material goods for the needy have been collected by the Orthodox faithful in Moldova, reports the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Basilica News Agency.

Information published on the Diaconia website shows that the goods were regularly distributed in 45 parishes, 20 of which operate free clothing stores.

Photo: basilica.ro Photo: basilica.ro
The project of public collection of goods aims to create a local mechanism for social solidarity by redistributing the goods to people in difficult life situations and was implemented by five donations boxes located throughout Chișinău.

Igor Belei, director of Diaconia, has characterized Banca de Haine as “an example where solidarity and small gestures really help needy people.”

“The project is not just a chain of goods distribution, but it develops social initiatives in communities and it has even been the starting point for real social structures at the community level,” Belei added.

Diaconia reports:

8,800 lbs. of clothing are collected on a monthly average;
20 free stores throughout the Metropolis of Bessarabia are supplied with goods;
45 parishes in which clothing is distributed;
33 NGOs helping to distribute clothing;
130 tons of food donated

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