“We love our politicians, but we cannot follow them”—Met. Onuphry

Kiev, October 25, 2018

Photo: spzh.news Photo: spzh.news

The Church loves and respects the ruling authorities, but if it indulges in the sinful desires of those in power, it will cease to be the Church but will degrade into just another political organization, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine commented in a recent interview with the Ukrainian Church’s official publication Pastor and Flock, which has been published by the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

“We love our politicians and respect them, but we cannot follow them. Otherwise we will cease to be the Church; we will turn into a political organization and the days of our existence will be numbered by God,” the Ukrainian primate said.

He also stressed that the state is moving along a post-revolutionary course that leads away from God. And although the politicians pray and go to church, “there are forces that force our faithful politicians to adopt laws that promote the development and legalization of sin.”

Such politicians want to adjust the Church to the rhythm of their lives, Met. Onuphry says: “They want to create a single Local Orthodox Church that would indulge them and guide people who are moving towards God along the path that the politicians themselves have trod, to their great misfortune.”

The Metropolitan of Kiev believes that if we choose such a course, soon every political force will want to have its own Church “which would obey this party in everything, and force God to fulfill its political desires.”

“Whoever believes in God but is fixated on the desire to get a Local Church, does not entrust himself to God, but lives according to his own reason,” Met. Onuphry added.

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