Novosibirsk Metropolia’s “Bus of Salvation” keeps homeless warm during harsh winter nights

Novosibirsk, Russia, November 16, 2018

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The “Bus of Salvation” began its work recently in the first frosty days in Novosibirsk. The bus is a long-stand project of the Novosibirsk Diocesan complex of social services for the homeless, providing them a place to warm up and necessary social services, reports the Novosibirsk Metropolia of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Traditionally, in severe frosts, the bus makes its rounds at night, going to those places where the homeless are known to gather.

The social patrol, included a paramedic, social services specialist, and other volunteers, provide assistance to people suffering from the cold, taking up to 10 people in need per night. Everyone is offered speedy assistance and a hot tea.

If necessary, people are housed in the Diocese’s social hotels or in local medical institutions.

The bus also offers warm clothes, shoes, and hygiene products to those in need.

The Novosibirsk Diocese is active in such missionary and social endeavors. The 22nd social-charitable and spiritual educational campaign of the train “For the Spiritual Revival of Russia” was launched last October from Novosibirsk.

The revival train has brought spiritual and material aid to many in previous years. During the 2011 campaign, 1,177 people were baptized, and in 2012, 2,424.

In 2012, medical specialists provided their services at the train stations, and diagnostic rooms were available. Doctors helped about 1000 people. Social and charitable assistance was given to the needy and the poor (in excess of $11,500). There were 60 packages of free medicines transferred to obstetric units. The specialists of the Ministry of Social Development also provided their assistance to 2,500 people.

And in August of this year, 30 priests set off on a boat-church missionary tour, again, leaving from Novosibirsk.

Also, the “Miloserdie” Orthodox aid service opened its “Hangar of Salvation” project in 2013—a heated tent for the homeless to stay during the day in Moscow. On the territory of the tent homeless people will be able not only to wash themselves in shower cubicles, to eat, to change their clothes and shoes, but will also have a real opportunity to change their lives.

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