Anyone who votes against Poroshenko will burn in hell, says “priest” of schismatic-nationalist church

Kiev, April 9, 2019

"Archpriest" Peter Zichin with Poroshenko and his wife. Photo: "Archpriest" Peter Zichin with Poroshenko and his wife. Photo:     

The schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” was created by the intercession of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the current Ukrainian regime supports it with its laws and actions. Accordingly, the clergy of the schismatic-nationalist church have made it no secret that they support and expect their people to support Poroshenko in this current election season.

Poroshenko came in second to Vladimir Zelensky, a famous Ukrainian actor and comedian, in the March 31 vote, but as neither candidate received an absolute majority, they move into a second round of voting on April 21.

Against this background, cleric of the schismatic Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev “Priest” Peter Zinich has declared that anyone who votes for Zelensky will burn in hell, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

Commenting on a Facebook post from the former press secretary of the “Honorary Patriarch” Philaret Denisenko, Yuriy Doroshenko, that attempts to link Zelensky with the supposed Russian troops who invaded Ukraine in 2014, Zinich writes blasphemously: “Everyone who votes for the clown Zelensky will burn in hell. Amen and glory to God.”

Doroshenko then comments that Zinich’s comment is the “word of the true shepherd that bears the truth.”

It was recently reported that the Poroshenko administration is calling parishes throughout Ukraine and requiring them to pray for his reelection and that several hierarchs and clergy of the schismatic church and the Ukrainian Uniate church have written similar messages on their social media pages.

“Bishop” Gabriel Kryzyna, a former archimandrite of the canonical Church who apostasized to the “Kiev Patriarchate” in June, wrote on his Facebook page that the tomos of autocephaly from Constantinople foretold who would be the president of the “Christian Orthodox Ukraine,” as Poroshenko is mentioned in the text of the tomos.

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