Belarusian city names streets in honor of Russian royal family, emperors

Borisov, Belarus, April 12, 2019

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Russia and other former Soviet states continue the process of restoring the historical names of streets and cities, as many Christian names had been replaced with the names of famous and even murderous Soviets by the godless authorities.

Most recently, three streets in the Belarusian city of Borisov, 45 miles northeast of Minsk, were christened with names in honor of the Russian royal family and emperors: Alexander, Paul, and Romanov Streets. While these particular streets are newer and were previously unnamed, before the Russian revolution there were streets named in honor of Emperors Alexander and Paul, though they were in a different part of the city, reports

The streets are located in a relatively recently-built up area called Airport in the northern section of the old town. According to the newspaper Goman Barisaushchyny, one resident appealed to the regional executive committee about why new streets had appeared with the names of Russian royalty.

The Deputy Chairman of the executive committee replied that it is “a return to tradition. There were streets of the city named in honor of imperial persons in the early 20th-century.”

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