New press offers high-quality Orthodox children’s books and more

Wyoming, Michigan, April 12, 2019

Exaltation Press, a new Orthodox publishing company has just been launched to help make more Orthodox books available in the English language.

While we in the English-speaking world have been blessed with many good Orthodox authors and publishing companies, Orthodoxy in the English-speaking world is still a very small fish in a big pond.

A priest in the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America with a bilingual family noticed that there were many good Orthodox books for children that were only available in other languages. After years of wishing he could lend the books out to parishioners and their families, he got in touch with the original publishers and has begun to translate and publish the books to make them available to English-speaking Orthodox families.   

The first series, “Scripture and Feasts for Children,” by Orthodox author Elena Trostnikova with beautiful iconographic illustrations by Olga Podivilova, is a three-book series designed to help introduce children to the Gospels and the life of Christ. Another book was just published called Sacred History from Adam to Me that helps give children an overview of Biblical history, as well as a light overview of Church history up to the Soviet persecutions and the present day.


In the next few months, Exaltation Press hopes to publish a children's catechism, a commentary on the Divine Liturgy for laity, a prayer book for children, and a series of books for young children explaining things like God, the layout of the Orthodox temple, the clergy, confession, prayer, fasting, and the Great Feasts.

The priest who started this publishing company hopes to collaborate with other translators to try to make as many good and spiritual profitable books as possible available to help spread the Orthodox faith among English speakers.

The books can be purchased through the website at

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