Thousands of Ukrainians march to commemorate 96th anniversary of amazing miracle

Kalynivka, July 8, 2019


In the Vinnytsia diocese, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrated the anniversary of the Kalinovsky miracle with a many-thousands strong cross procession.

The Kalinovsky miracle occurred in 1923, in the historical region of Podolia, in the village Kalynivka of the modern-day Vinnytsia oblast, in West-Central Ukraine. According to documents, a Red Army soldier shot a roadside cross, and from the Precious Side of the Savior, real blood began to flow as if from a wound, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists. Thousands of pilgrims subsequently visited the place of this great miracle of the Life-Giving Cross.

In 1995, the commemoration of the Kalinovsky miracle was restored, and a new shrine was built over the site of the old cross. When that happened, thousands of people went in a cross procession from the provincial seat of Vinnytsia to the village of Kalynivka where the cross was located, and since then, believers in the area would hold small cross processions from the Church of Saint Parascheva to the Kalinkovsky cross.

Just recently, on the 6th of July, a massive cross procession went on the same path to commemorate this great and miraculous manifestation of the power of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross. The Union of Orthodox Journalists has a collection of photos and there is a video of the event from the Ukrainian Church-friendly TV station Pershiy Kozatsky (First Cossack).


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