Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis reposes in the Lord

Lamia, July 29, 2019

Photo: Photo: On Satuday, July 27, 2019, it was reported by that Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis fell asleep in the Lord. He reportedly died of a heart attack.

He was known for strongly holding the traditional Orthodox stance against homosexuality, and speaking out against laws allowing homosexuals to adopt children.

Readers may also remember Metropolitan Nicholas leading a mass Baptism of foreigners and migrants as well.

In this time of confusion in the Orthodox world, due to the canonical crisis in Ukraine, and when the traditionalist Orthodox stance is being questioned so often these days, it is a shame that believers will be deprived of his wisdom, and participation in important discussions within the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nevertheless, his brother bishops noted he left a huge footprint, and his influence will not be forgotten, and his memory will be eternal.

Metropolitan Nicholas (Protopapas), was born in 1948 in Tinos, and completed his theological education at the University of Athens in 1972. He was ordained as a deacon in 1973 and then as a priest in 1975.

Eternal Memory!

Matfey Shaheen

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