Greek Church of St. George desecrated with satanic symbols in Massachusetts (+ VIDEO)

Lynn, Massachusetts, September 9, 2019

Romfea Romfea     

The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Lynn, Massachusetts, was desecrated by unknown vandals with satanic and anarchistic symbolism.

The mosaic icons of the Most Holy Theotokos and the Great Martyr George the Victorious were vandalized with an upside down Cross, a “Circle-A,” and the number of the beast.

According to Father George Tsoukalas, the rector of the parish, the police and mayor of Lynn arrived on the scene and with great regret, declared that this shameful incident was not only against the church, but against the entire city of Lynn, as Romfea reported.

“Somebody has got a sick mind to think this is okay,” said parish council Presiden Arthur Argeros. “The A symbol, which means anarchy, and one of them had the devil, which is three sixes,”

Thankfully, the large icons of the Mother of God and of St. George that were vandalized have a protective coating that allowed the paint to be easily removed. The city is also sending a professional power washer to remove the remaining graffiti.

The desecration of churches has become a particularly acute issue in Ukraine, where many Orthodox parishes have been threatened, seized, burned, or otherwise vandalized.

Matfey Shaheen

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