Do not abandon the healthy principles on which family is based; make laws to protect families – Romanian Archbishop Ioachim of Roman

Source: Basilica News Agency

September 16, 2020

The Archbishop of Roman and Bacău wrote a message on the feast of the Righteous Joachim and Anna, in which he referred to the values of the natural family and the need to promote and protect them both in daily life and through appropriate laws.


“Three fundamental values support the backbone of a nation and ensure its historical continuity: the family, the school and the Church,” wrote His Eminence Archbishop Joachim.

“Birth in a family, formation in school and fulfillment as a human being through the communion of love with God are the stages of man’s becoming and his perfection as the most enlightened being in creation.”

The archbishop reviewed the challenges facing the family after the fall of communism: migration, divorce, family abandonment, new models of living “imported” from other countries and poverty. Of all this, the hierarch noted, only “the return to the healthy principles of life, which we inherited and in which most of us had the privilege of being born, can save us.”

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