Apostles Patrobus, Hermes, Linus, Gaius, and Philologus, of the Seventy

Commemorated on November 5

Saints Patrobus, Hermes, Linus, Gaius, and Philologus, Apostles of the Seventy, preached the Gospel in various cities, each enduring various hardships in their service as bishops.

Saint Patrobus (Rom 16:14) was Bishop of Neopolis (now Naples) and Puteoli in Italy.

Saint Hermes was bishop in the city of Philippoplis where he died a martyr.

Saint Linus (2 Tim 4:21) was a successor to the Apostle Peter at Rome.

Saint Gaius (Rom 16:23), was Bishop of Ephesus after Saint Timothy.

The Apostle Andrew consecrated Saint Philologus (Rom 16:15) as bishop of the city of Sinope (in the Black Sea region).

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