Is this the site of a Bible miracle? Lost church 'where Jesus healed a bleeding woman' is unearthed in the ancient Roman city of Caesarea Philippi

Source: Daily Mail

November 13, 2020


A long lost church thought to be where Jesus 'healed the bleeding woman', has been discovered by archaeologists buried underneath a path in an ancient Roman city.

Experts from the University of Haifa believe the church was within the ancient city of Banias that had been renamed Caesarea Philippi during the lifetime of Jesus.

Byzantine historian, Eusebius wrote that once the bleeding woman was healed she erected a statue to commemorate the miracle in a church by the springs in Caesarea Philippi - which is in the Golan Heights between Syria and Lebanon.

A recent archaeological dig in the city revealed a previously hidden church building that was underneath a path - near to the springs.

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