Venerable Theocteristus, Abbot of Symbola on Mount Olympus, Bithynia

Commemorated on November 10

Saint Theosteriktos (Θεοστήρικτος) was the Igoumen of Symbola Monastery on Mount Olympus in Bithynia (others say Peletiki Monastery at Triglia). He lived during the reign of Constantine V Copronymos (741-755), who persecuted the Orthodox because they venerated icons.

On Holy Thursday, the governor, Michael Lachonodrakon attacked Theosteriktos’s monastery. Thirty-eight monks were placed under arrest, while others were tortured and mutilated. Igoumen Theosteriktos had his nose cut off, and he was put in jail in Constantinople with Saint Stephen the Younger (November 28) and many others.

When the iconoclastic persecution had ceased, Saint Theosteriktos returned to his monastery, which he rebuilt with the help of Saint Niketas of Medikion (April 3).

Saint Theosteriktos reposed in peace. He is also commemorated on February 17.

Troparion — Tone 8

By a flood of tears you made the desert fertile, / and your longing for God brought forth fruits in abundance. / By the radiance of miracles you illumined the whole universe! / O our holy father Theocteristus, pray to Christ our God to save our souls!

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