VIDEO: Kosovo and Metohija our Home: Panel Discussion in English

Source: Bay Area Serbs (YouTube)

December 25, 2020

On December 13, 2020, BAS (Bay Area Serbs) sponsored an online Zoom conference on the topic of Kosovo and Methojia, its spiritual life and history, and the lives of Serbs who live there now. Speakers included Fr. Ilarion Lupulović, abbot of Draganac Monastery, Fr. Nenad Ilić, parish priest in Amsterdam, Dr. Miloš Ković, professor of history at the University of Belgrade, and Ivana Dimić, an award-winning author and longtime pilgrim to Kosovo. The conference was moderated by Monk Sofronije, an American monk from Dečani Monastery.

For those who couldn't attend it live, we are making it available here, along with the (very stimulating!) question and answer session which followed. We invite you to take some time and virtually immerse yourself in the rich traditions of this holy and ancient land.

The conference was held as a fundraiser for Draganac Monastery, a fledgling monastic community in eastern Kosovo, which you can read more about here: You can make a donation towards helping Draganac make necessary repairs and do vital construction work by using the Gofundme page made by BAS (Bay Area Serbs):

We thank you in advance for your support, and hope this video is a blessing to you.

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