Saint Corona, Healer of Diseases

Source: Global Orthodox

November 24, 2021


Today, on November 24, the Russian Orthodox Church remembers St. Victor and St. Corona (also known as St. Stephanie), who were martyred for Christ in the 2nd century — tortured to death by the Romans about 1,800 years ago.

Victor was a Roman soldier in Syria who was martyred for his Christian faith during the persecutions organized by Emperor Antoninus Pius. Corona was in the crowd at the public execution, and was also accused of being a Christian. She was martyred by being “torn to pieces between two trees” — she was tied to the ends of two palm trees which had been bent down, and was then torn apart when the trees were released.

Aachen Cathedral, in western Germany, put on display an elaborate reliquary believed to contain some of St. Corona's bones. This 9th-century cathedral is where many German kings and queens were crowned in the middle ages. It remains a prominent pilgrimage church to this day.

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