1,500-year-old baptistery found in Kadı Castle-Anaia Mound in western Turkey

Source: Arkeonews.net

December 6, 2021


A baptistery, estimated to have been built in the 5th century AD, was unearthed in the Kadı Castle-Anaia Mound in Aydın’s Kuşadası district.

About the baptistery unearthed in the western corner of the Anaia Church, one of the largest churches in Western Anatolia, located in the Kadı Castle neighborhood of Kuşadası, Honorary Chairman of the Kadı Castle-Anaia Mound Excavation Prof. Dr. Zeynep Mercangöz told DHA reporter, “Archaeological excavations are full of surprises. Anaia Mound also contains many surprises. We came across an early baptistery in an area we opened by chance. The peculiarity of the baptistery is that it is much more magnificent than its counterparts. This baptistery is a very important piece of data for its period.”

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