Russia: Church proposes adding faith in God to state’s list of traditional values

Moscow, February 9, 2022

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The Ministry of Culture’s list of traditional values should include faith in God, says the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vladimir Legoida, the head of the Synodal Department for Relations Between the Church and Society and the Media, presented the Church’s position at a recent discussion on the draft of the fundamentals of state policy for the preservation and strengthening of traditional spiritual and moral values in Russia, held in the Civic Chamber of Russia, reports Tsargrad.

“We propose that it’s very important to include a mention of faith in God or religious faith in the list of traditional values, and also to take into account the fact that religious associations are an organic part of civil society,” Legoida said.

While it goes without saying that religious organizations are directly related to issues of traditional values, in this day and age it’s better to state everything explicitly, the Synodal head argued.

“The very idea of traditional values is directly related to religious traditions. There’s simply nowhere else for it to come from,” he said.

The Ministry of Culture’s proposed list of traditional values currently includes:

  • life

  • dignity

  • human rights and freedoms

  • patriotism

  • civic consciousness

  • service to the Fatherland

  • responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland

  • high moral ideals

  • strong family

  • creative work

  • priority of the spiritual over the material

  • humanitarianism

  • mercy

  • justice

  • collectivism

  • mutual respect

  • mutual assistance

  • historical memory

  • the continuity of generations

  • the unity of the peoples of Russia

Alien values include:

  • cult of egotism

  • cult of permissiveness

  • cult of immorality

  • opposition to the ideals of patriotism

  • opposition to the ideals of service to the Fatherland

  • opposition to the ideals of reproduction

  • opposition to the ideals of creative work

  • opposition to the ideals of Russia’s positive contribution to world history

  • opposition to the ideals of Russia’s positive contribution to culture

In the summer of 2020, Russians overwhelmingly voted for an amendment package that constitutionally enshrined marriage as the union of a man and woman, and mentions faith in God as a central factor in Russian history.

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