New source found on Fr. Raphael Morgan: The Orthodox Community of All Saints

Source: Orthodox History

August 9, 2022

An article in the Philadelphia Record published on Jan. 8, 1910, includes previously unknown details about the ministry of Fr. Raphael Morgan (whom we’ve published many articles on since 2009), the earliest known black Orthodox priest in the United States. The brief article notes that in 1910, Morgan was trying to set up a group in Philadelphia named the Orthodox Community of All Saints. Interestingly, two other former Protestant clergymen seem to have been involved (one Episcopal and one Methodist), as well as “a considerable number of laymen.”

The full text of the article:

It may not he generally known that since 1908 a movement has been started to establish a branch of the Greek Church among the English-speaking people of this city. The movement, which is being carried on by Rev. Father Raphael Morgan, a colored priest of the Greek Church, has progressed so far as to have been organized into what is called the Orthodox Community of All Saints. Its membership includes a former Episcopalian clergyman of Nashville, Tenn., another in this city and a former Methodist Episcopal clergyman of Oyster Bay, besides a considerable number of laymen. The object of the community is the founding of churches and schools where orthodox Greek doctrines will be disseminated in the English language.

... Read the rest at Orthodox History.

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