Three miracles of St. Philoumenos

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November 30, 2022

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In honor of the feast of the New Hieromartyr Philoumenos of Jacob’s Well, the popular Mystagogy blog presented the story of three miracles worked by the saint:

St. Philoumenos Intervenes in the Rehabilitation of a Drug Addict

Helen N., who comes from Rhodes, was a drug user for seven years. Even though she had made some attempts at rehab, she kept going back to the same things.

She could not work and her relationship with her family had become very difficult.

In a last ditch effort by her mother to help her, they moved to Athens, where she was admitted to a rehab center. But there she did not cooperate with the experts at all; she shouted, got angry, hit them.

Her mother desperately prayed to Saint Philoumenos, about whom she had heard a lot, and begged him to help her.

One day Helen was in a very bad state. When she fell asleep, her mother cried again and prayed to Saint Philoumenos.

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St. Philoumenos Visits an Ailing Woman in the Hospital

In the spring of 2006, Mrs. Maria L. visited the Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Orounta, Cyprus. She entered the temple and began to reverently venerate the icons of the iconostasis.

But when she arrived in front of the icon of Saint Philoumenos, she stopped, looked at it with emotion and began to sob. After a while she told one of the sisters who was in the temple at that time the following:

“Not long ago I had a great adventure with my health. I entered the hospital for some treatments, but the doctors didn't give us any hope for me to live. While I was in this very difficult situation, I saw in a vision a priest, who was wearing an epanokalimavkion, as seen here in the icon.”

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A Wondrous Appearance of the Holy New Hieromartyr Philoumenos

George Raounas from Lefkara, a graduate of the School of Physical Education in Greece (a gymnast), was about 25 years old when he got to know Christ and the Church more deeply, and began to live an intense spiritual life. He especially loved the practice of prayer, frequently attending Services, Vigils and Divine Liturgies and participating regularly in the Immaculate Mysteries.

… George often went for pilgrimage and prayer to various monasteries in Cyprus, but also to the Holy Land. The Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Orounti, where Saint Philoumenos is especially honored, was his favorite place of prayer.

… Then a miraculous apparition of the Saint happened. This miraculous event was claimed to be witnessed by a simple, humble and "pure in heart" believer, who was present at the vigil, as the same shocked person told it, confidentially and immediately after the end of the vigil, to Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou, who led the entire solemn service. What had happened

When the aforementioned George went to venerate the icon of the Saint, that pious Christian saw Saint Philoumenos coming out alive from his holy icon, embracing the sick George and holding him from behind, by the shoulders, while he was prostrating and being anointed from the priest with a little oil, in order to accompany him by supporting him to his stasidion, then he disappeared and became invisible!

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