What can be healed in this war?

Source: The Saker

January 20, 2023


It seems miraculous that I was drawn to the Russian sphere in the past several years, because I feel such a deep connection there, Anglo-European mutt that I am, and in spite of the fact that I’ve never been to Russia or Ukraine. I became obsessed with the history of Russia and Ukraine, and Ukrainian Nationalists and the current events regarding the Donbas, and it has been deeply heart wrenching and shocking since the SMO began.

... As the horrors of the war have continued to unfold ever more disturbing war crimes, I’ve gone through this seeming futile struggle to answer within myself, why? Somewhere in my readings or podcasts that I listened to, a past Secretary of State or advisor or cabinet member to a president had rightly referred to the disposition of Ukrainian Nationalists as having a “sickness of the soul”.

...The question then became how does a group like the Ukrainian Nationalists or the Israeli Zionists (or fill in the blank for another group) heal from their collective sickness of the soul they possess?

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William Spencer


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