Mt. Athos: Elder Ephraim of St. Andrew’s Skete reposes in the Lord (+VIDEOS)

Thessaloniki, March 30, 2023

Photo: Romfea Photo: Romfea     

Abbot Ephraim of St. Andrew’s Skete in Karyes, one of the most respected and beloved elders of Mt. Athos, reposed in the Lord today after battling metastasized cancer, reports Romfea.

He served as abbot of Philotheou Monastery before becoming head of St. Andrew’s Skete.

He made a very moving statement to his spiritual children last month, informing them of his disease:

My beloved spiritual brothers, always rejoice and be glad that Christ is Risen

On Monday, February 20, 2023, following the advice of the distinguished orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paschalis Pagou, I underwent a CT scan at the Clinic.

And behold, our good Christ, gave me three priceless gifts, out of infinite Divine love:

First Divine gift: my pancreas is full of cancer.

Second Divine gift: (metastasis) my lungs are full of cancer, hence the terrible cough, a lot of hemoptysis, and shortness of breath.

Third Divine gift: (second metastasis) my spine is full of cancer, hence the severe pains and insomnia.

That’s all my brothers.

On Thursday, February 23, I will be admitted to the Clinic of Thessaloniki. The God of my father Ephraim [of Arizona] is my helper. I ask you to pray for my humbleness. I love you and wish you all the best.

Fr. Ephraim, the sinner

He was hospitalized in Thessaloniki on March 23.

His funeral will be served tomorrow at St. Andrew’s Skete.

Memorial prayers were read for Elder Ephraim today:

The monks and pilgrims bid farewell to the beloved abbot:

May Abbot Ephraim’s memory be eternal!

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