NGOs impose gender ideology on youngest children, warns Patriarch Porfirije

Belgrade, June 28, 2023

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There has been much discussion in Serbian society lately about the controversial Law on Gender Equality that was hastily adopted in 2021 amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

As has happened in many countries, non-traditional gender ideology was imposed under cover of the non-controversial idea of gender equality, warn ecclesiastical, academic, and societal figures.

Against this background, His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije, the primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, recently discussed the issue with a group of eminent Serbian linguists.

“All participants in the conversation agreed that the implementation of this unconstitutional law would lead to permanent and harmful consequences in terms of expression and interpersonal communication,” the Serbian Church reports.

“It was noted that only a small part of the issue is related to linguistic matters, while the core is the imposition of a process, as highlighted in recent days, of ‘transforming’ the consciousness of individuals and society as a whole through language.”

The Law on Gender Equality in fact “represents a violent application of the so-called gender ideology and politics,” the Patriarch and participants agreed.

“The issue of language defines the identity of a nation,” His Holiness said, “and any violent and thoughtless change can have great consequences for the self-awareness of a nation such as the Serbians.”

It was also emphasized that various non-governmental organizations are allowed to propagandize their ideology even to children:

The competent authorities don’t prevent, but rather are more than tolerant towards a group of non-governmental organizations that persistently and systematically promote gender ideology, policy, and practice through their direct presence in pre-schools and schools, propagating that even the youngest children can choose their sex and gender (up to the possibility of a medical sex change).

The linguists informed Pat. Porfirije that there is great interest in overcoming this challenge, both in the broadest academic circles, and among linguists, lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, pedagogues, and others.

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