Religious procession in Bucharest cleanses streets after LGBT parade

Bucharest, August 2, 2023

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Several thousands of people joined in an LGBT pride march in the Romanian capital in early July to protest the possible adoption of a law that would ban LGBT propaganda in the country.

The bill, similar to that adopted in Russia in 2013 and in Hungary in 2021, was adopted by the Senate in May and is expected to come before the Chamber of Deputies later this year. While homosexuality has been decriminalized in Romania since 2001, gay couples are neither allowed to marry nor enter into civil unions.

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The day after the LGBT parade, a religious procession was held to cleanse the streets of Bucharest. The event was not organized by the Romanian Orthodox Church but was joined by priests, monastics, and laity, reports Outlook.

The people carried icons and the priests sprinkled the people and the streets with holy water during the procession that followed the same route as the pride parade the day before.

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The Romanian Orthodox Church reiterated its stance on gay marriage and civil unions in May after the European Human Rights Court ordered that the state much recognize and protect same-sex relationships.

“From a moral point of view, civil partnership is a surrogate of marriage and a destructive element of the spiritual and moral order in society,” said the Church’s spokesman Vasile Bănescu.

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