Ukrainian authorities block monastery and cathedrals in Chernigov, prevent Liturgy

Chernigov, Chernigov Province, Ukraine, October 5, 2023

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Unknown persons in camouflage uniforms surrounded the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Holy Dormition-Elets Convent, and Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Chernigov this morning, preventing the faithful from entering to pray and worship.

After calling the police, it was established that the men were there to ensure the work of the commission of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, which is expected to arrive from Kiev, reports the Information-Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

However, neither the police nor the persons blocking the churches could provide any documents confirming the legality of their actions.

Photo: Photo: The men are preventing people from getting to the relics and wonderworking icons in the churches, and the celebration of the Liturgy has been suspended.

The Chernigov Diocesan administration explained that a legal battle is currently underway over these churches and that no court decision has been made yet.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy ordered back in the spring that the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church vacate the monastery and the two cathedrals, which are part of the state-owned Ancient Chernigov National Architectural and Historical Reserve.

The Elets Monastery is one of the oldest from Kievan Rus’. St. Anthony of the Kiev Caves even lived there for a time in 1069.

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